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80s Horror Movie Cult Classics You'll Want to Binge Watch To Stay in the Halloween Spirit All Year Long

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Just because Halloween is over doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy the spirit of the season! The 1980s were an absolute pinnacle time for Horror Movies, with many of the Horror Flicks that came out in the 80s as stand alone films turning into full blown iconic horror franchises over the decades. Whether they're stand alone Horror Icons, or the beginnings of some of our All Time Fave Horror Franchises, the 1980s produced some of the best Horror Movies, bottom line, cut and dry.

Here's Our Top Picks for Horror Flicks From the 1980s:

  • The Shining - Here's Johnny! Who hasn't seen The Shining at this point? The iconic film is absolutely terrifying, and chilling on so many levels. This film came out in 1980, and it's inspired countless other films, tv shows, books, and derivative works over the years, and has stood up as a Horror Film Classic for over 35 years now.

  • The Evil Dead - Anyone who loves horror flicks knows that this 1981 Bruce Campbell classic was the start of something special. Not only is this movie iconic for being scary, but also for being full on camp, something that horror fans of all generations can enjoy.

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street - No 80s Horror Flick list would be complete without "A Nightmare on Elm Street" - Wes Craven's 1984 classic has literally become the gold standard for slasher flicks, with Freddy Krueger being the creepy ambassador of horror for over 30 years now. Freddy fans know there have been a ton of "cannon" movies in the franchise, as well as countless parodies, tributes, and unique takes on the cult classic.

  • Child's Play - Are you afraid of dolls? No? Well then apparently you've never seen the 1988 Horror Film Classic "Child's Play", staring the littlest, and one of the creepiest horror movie villains of all time - Chucky, the "Good Guy" Doll that's come to life, and terrorizes anyone who dare cross his path. If you aren't yet convinced that dolls are creepy, then you need to watch this movie again.
  • Poltergeist - If you've seen Poltergeist, then you're probably worried about things moving around on their own in your house. This 1982 creepy classic has taught generations of terrified children not to trust spirits and apparitions in their homes - even if they seem friendly at first.

  • Pet Sematary - Another Stephen King classic, Pet Sematary came out in 1989, and boy, was it creepy. As if an abandoned pet cemetery that the locals won't talk about isn't creepy enough, there's a re-animated black cat that comes back with a vengeance after being buried in said cemetery. If there's one thing that Stephen King has taught us over the years, it's that Maine is an awfully creepy place where a lot of strange things happen.

  • Pumpkinhead - A vengeful demon that's got (you guessed it), a pumpkin for a head is summoned by a witch at the behest of a grieving father who is looking to get revenge for his son who was killed in a hit & run accident. This 1988 movie is kooky, campy, and scary, and hey, the "villain" has a pumpkin for a head. Can't beat that.

What's Your Favorite 1980s Horror Movie? Let Us Know in the Comments Below!



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