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Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes That'll Wow at Halloween Parties This Weekend

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This year, Halloween falls on a Tuesday, which means across the country, there will be countless Halloween Parties now through Tuesday (and even next weekend, too!), and if you've been putting off putting together a costume, you might find yourself wondering - "What do I have time to put together before tonight's party?" Not to worry, there are plenty of simple, DIY Halloween costumes that are sure to be a hit at any party, and as an added bonus, they won't break the bank!

Most of the ideas we've put together you'll be able to execute with some supplies that you've likely already got at home, making these thrifty picks a great idea for looking good at Halloween Parties all weekend long!

  • "The Fonz" - Going as the Fonz is actually pretty simple - if you've got blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a leather jacket, all you need is some hair gel as a finishing touch, and you're all set! The simple costume is easy to pull off, so long as you've got a leather jacket!

  • Unicorn - Does your wardrobe consist of a lot of pastels, glitter, or other rainbow garb? Well then you're set! All you'll need to complete the look is some glitter face make up (there are tons of tutorials on YouTube!), and a Unicorn Horn, which you'll be able to find at almost every Party & Halloween Store for no more than a few bucks. You can also check out the countless DIY Unicorn Horn tutorials online, if you're feeling crafty.

  • Rosie the Riveter - This is another simple Halloween get up that replies on your regular wardrobe, paired with a bit of make up skill. For this one, you'll need denim jeans, a light blue denim shirt, a red bandana for your hair, and red lipstick paired with winged eyeliner, and you'll be set! If you're a make up junkie who hasn't had time to put together a full-on Halloween look this season, this is a great option to show off your skills, while being strong & fierce this Halloween!

  • Zombie Princess/Character - Still have last year's costume laying around? Well it's time to put it to good use! For this costume, you'll need last year's costume - whether you were a princess, unicorn, super hero, or something else, all you need to do is zombie it up! This will require making a few cuts into the costume (check out Instagram for zombie costume rehash ideas!), some green face paint, and some carefully placed fake blood. If you're looking to do Halloween on a budget this year, this is an awesome option!

  • Creepy Doll - For this one, take your girliest dress - fluff, frills, bows - and you're already halfway there! From there, you'll want to apply creepy doll make up - check out YouTube for some sweet tutorials ranging from simple to ornate. No matter which way you go with this one, it's sure to be creepy, and definitely will be a crowd pleaser!

  • Cat/Bunny/Fox/Deer/Other Cute Woodland Creature or Animal - We're lumping these together, because these are the simplest of Halloween costumes - all you need is a set of ears & a tail for your chosen animal (sets typically run $10 or less at most party & Halloween retailers), and the outfit that's closest in color to your chosen critter, i.e. go in all black for Black Cat, Browns & Earthtones for Deer, Gray or White for Bunnies, etc. Once you've got your tail & ears, the rest is up to your make up skills - you'll want to paint on a cute nose, whiskers, and perhaps a few more facial details to tie the look together, and you're good to go! Once you've got your outfit together, the make up is relatively simple, and should only take 10-15 minutes to execute, which is why "cute critter" has been a staple of last-minute Halloween go-to costume choices for generations.

Do You Have a Cool, Last Minute DIY Costume Planned? Let Us Know in the Comments Below, and Be Sure to Share Your Photos!



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